Dear investors,

For the past thirty years, I have been working in private equity, which consists of being an active investor in unlisted companies that are rapidly developing or changing.

This experience has allowed me to draw fundamental lessons on how to make relevant financial investments. In my view, four elements are essential: total transparency, alignment of interest between investors and managers, understanding of medium-term trends in financial markets and taking into account macroeconomic factors that cannot be mastered, but which should be integrated into the decision-making process.

Wishing to apply these elements of governance to my own assets, in 2010 I decided to create an independent management company. By dynamically connecting the worlds of asset management and private equity, Midas Wealth Management was born to face the needs of investors who want to actively and transparently manage their assets. Created with trustworthy professionals, our company relies on a team with strong technical skills and complementary expertise.

We favor active, flexible and convincing management, both in the allocation of portfolios and in stock selection, by seeking to identify investment themes adapted to major market trends.

Thanks to you, our company has grown a lot since its creation. Thank you for placing your trust in us, I pledge to preserve what is the essence and the originality of Midas Wealth Management: speed of decision-making, transparency and proximity to customers.

Alain Blanc-Brude

Alain Blanc-Brude