Family business

Our team of experts can advise you and your family on the best way to manage your family business. We articulate tailored solutions that take into consideration your values, needs and risks in order to satisfy all members interests at the fullest.

Over the years, we have developed a know-how to guide our clients in the following aspects:

  • Design leadership and ownership succession
  • Family conflict management
  • Improving family governance and communication
  • Train next generation on how to manage your family business


Should you wish to create your philanthropic project, our experienced team can guide you throughout all stages of your project:

  • Help you define your values, aspirations and ambitions
  • Help you find a philanthropic strategy that best serves these values
  • Establish a project that meets this strategy
  • Follow-up and report on the project milestones and day-to-day management of the structure

Estate planning

We are aware of how a flowing wealth succession plan is crucial for our clients. As such, we developed over the years an experience in providing tailored wealth succession solutions that encompasses the following:

  • Establish the right time for wealth succession
  • Establish a family distribution strategy
  • Definition of decision-making players
  • Train next generation on challenges and opportunities of the future management of incoming wealth